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Industrial M2M & IoT Modem Routers

Intercel’s Industrial 4G LTE modem routers provide reliable connectivity for remote metering, serial data, and SCADA applications. The modem has an insulated and robust ABS case with an industry-standard RJ-45 connector to connect both power and RS-232 serial data. The modem has no exposed conductive surfaces once it is installed, a benefit when working with high voltage systems. Our SAM modems can also be used as 4G USB Modem’s, to provide connectivity to devices over USB.

The modem includes an onboard processor running Intercel’s TCP/IP stack in addition to standard AT commands. This means that the modem is compatible with already existing hardware as a ‘dumb’ AT command modem and that it can also be used as a smart meter to connect to your ‘dumb’ serial devices as the onboard processor can run the network stack. This means the SAM modem can be used to add additional networking functionality to your serial devices.

The SAM4 and SAMX modems are the latest in a series of serial modems stretching back to our 2G GSM Industrial Modems – it is a proven and reliable solution for mobile connectivity, with an excellent track record. The SAM4 modems are physically and electrically compatible with the 2G and 3G versions, so they can be swapped directly without needing to change the wiringThe SAM4 modems are suited as replacements for GSM Serial Modems, 3G USB Modems, 2G Serial Modems, and 3G Serial Modems. You can use them as cellular diallers, IoT Modem or for M2M communication and remote monitoring.The SAM4Q and SAM4T are our most popular models, and both support the widely used Band 28 (700Mhz) as well as the 850, 1800,2100, and 2600 MHz bands. The modem also works with 3G networks, so the modem can function in areas without 4G coverage. They run at Cat1 speeds of up to 10Mbps Down and 5 Mbps up, suitable for serial applications or lower speed TCP/IP traffic. It also has packet-switched data over 4G and circuit-switched data over 3G, enabling the modem to operate with legacy systems that may not support packetization or IP communications.

The SAM modems are constructed with industrial-grade components and have an operating temperature range of -30C to +85C. They can be connected using either RS-232 serial or USB and operate from a wide voltage range of 5V DC to 32V DC.