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Moment LTE and 5G Connectivity for Industrial IoT Applications

Industrial M2M & IoT Modem Cards

Thales' group of Cinterion IoT Modem Cards conveys moment admittance to both LTE cell and 5G organizations for a scope of mechanical IoT applications like candy machines or computerized signage, switches, and doors. The simple to coordinate gadget effectively connects to a current card space. The modem cards utilize an assortment of Cinterion IoT Modules to give a solid and secure network to meet different arrangement needs.

For PCIe card spaces the modem cards range from LTE Cat 1 for applications not subject to speed, for example, keen candy machines to super-fast LTE Advanced for modern Industrial 4G LTE modem routers, booth frameworks, and video observation applications. For applications requiring Enhanced Mobile Broadband, for example, fast switches, entryways, and processing gadgets, 5G is offered with an M.2 structure factor.

Cinterion IoT Modem Cards offer a scope of shifting highlights and abilities including fastened MIMs or module SIMs, incorporated GPS, IP administrations, installed Java, reception apparatus diagnostics, and that's just the beginning. Like all Cinterion items, their tough plan, unrivaled designing, and most elevated assembling principles make them dependable in the most outrageous conditions and over the long existence of any IoT arrangement.

Adaptable, fitting, and play LTE network obviously fit mechanical IoT

The Cinterion LTE Modem Cards are intended to give cell networks supporting either LTE Cat 1, Cat 3, or Cat 6 innovation necessities. The modem cards share a solitary PCB plan and impression, making it simple and dangerous allowed to change starting with one organization standard then onto the next as availability needs change.

What is the advantage of Cinterion LTE IoT Modem Cards?

Cinterion LTE Modem Cards rapidly plug into existing smaller than usual PCIe card openings or M.2 for 5G to give moment admittance to cell networks for any mechanical IoT application.

What are the basic highlights of Cinterion IoT Modem Cards?

  • LTE
  • USB-interface through mPCIe connectors (LTE Cards)
  • U.FL fundamental radio wire connector
  • GPS reception apparatus connector
  • Variety receiving wire connector
  • 3.3 V force gracefully
  • 3FF "miniature SIM" cardholder
  • 5G eMBB
  • 5G/4G/3G Multi-mode module with M.2 structure factor, advanced for IoT and eMBB applications
  • Overall inclusion in single SKU
  • Backing SA and NSA
  • Littlest 5G M.2 information card 30 x 42 mm
  • Discretionary mmWave uphold
  • 4x4 MIMO (4 radio wire interfaces)
  • Double recurrence GNSS
  • Double SIM with implanted eSIM support
  • IoT Modem Cards