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AMD Co. manufactures and supplies dampers and “damper walls” to mines that require regulation of air flow through their mine doors or walls/bulkheads. Dampers can be manually adjusted for a specific rate of air flow or motorized dampers can be used to regulate air flow automatically at the install site or from above ground using Ethernet IP.

+AMD Co. offers standard regulators and customized configurations to suit your application requirements

  • Engineered for high-performance, trouble-free operation.
  • Robust and durable, built for extended problem-free use over many years.
  • Tried and tested opposed-blade louver design.
  • Manufactured from heavy-gauge steel galvanized in a hot-dip process.
  • Rugged outer frame protects from knocks and rough treatment typical in underground mines.
  • Moving parts are pared down to reduce wear and minimize maintenance.
  • Designed for optimal air flow control, with the opposed blade system providing precise flow regulation.
  • Regulator quickly adjusts from fully open to fully close.
  • Offered with multiple types of coatings IE: galvanized, paint, powder etc.
  • Manual or motorized operation.
  • Our standard size that is used in our mine doors are 1M x 1M. We can design and fabricate dampers to your specific needs.

Damper Design

AMD offers both parallel blade and opposed blade dampers, dependent upon type of application. Most mines use OPPOSED blade design.

As a general rule, parallel blade dampers are used for open/closed operation and opposed blade dampers are used for modulating damper operation. However, parallel blades offer better control of airflow near the end of the operating range (near full open or full close positions). Opposed blades offer better control of airflow throughout the entire operating range.

Contact EnVision  about your Damper/Damper Wall requirements

Damper Walls/Bulkhead

When a high volume of regulated airflow through an area is required, a Damper Wall/Bulkhead can be used. These are permanent installations that can also be fitted with a booster fan, pedestrian door, or pedestrian “air lock”.

Damper walls/bulkheads are designed using modular construction to easy installation. A steel channel frame with vertical and horizontal supports provides the structural integrity of the wall. Dampers are then securely bolted into the frame. If only 50% of the surface area is used for air flow (dampers), bolt on steel sheet panels is used to cover the remaining 50%. Typically, opposed blade dampers are used for these installations.

Mine Doors with Dampers

  • Multiple configurations available.
  • Pedestrian door can be included.
  • Standard 1M x 1M dampers used in mine door application.
  • Choose from manual or motorized damper operation.
  • Can be tied into a PLC control for above ground control of the door and dampers.