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Modular Bulkhead Systems - 'stopping walls'

These systems are available in various configurations to suit your needs. Be it a stand-alone bulkhead for temporary use, or a permanent installation.

Modular bulkhead systems are usually applied  in circumstances where a mine needs a specific solution due to ground control concerns (coal/salt/potash),  or temporary ventilation control.

Modular construction – bulkhead is assembled by adjoining panels that bolt together to…

A temporary bulkhead (or mine door) uses “outriggers” that are affixed to the frame to support the door. Each bulkhead/mine door is individually designed and a FEA (Finite Element Analysis) engineering study completed to ensure a safe installation.

Bulkhead designs can be configured for your mine!

Modular Mine Door

  • Modular bulkhead with pedestrian door or pedestrian “air-lock”
  • Modular bulkhead with booster fan and pedestrian door
  • Modular bulkhead with regulators and pedestrian door
  • Other configurations are available

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