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Medium Pressure Doors

Medium Pressure Doors

Medium Pressure Doors are typically smaller in width and height than the High-Pressure Doors as there is less water gauge air pressure to contend with.

Medium Pressure Doors with its narrower wing panels, and smaller frames uses less materials therefor reducing both weight, and cost.

Benefits of installing Medium Pressure Doors

  • Same operating principles as High Pressure Doors
  • Less weight improves transportation and installation
  • Designed for lower pressure applications
  • Fast acting, reduces idle time at door
  • Minimal maintenance while enjoying years of reliable service
  • Optional air regulators and Sliding Man Doors can be installed into the door wings
  • Can be fully automated with the optional control packages

Design Features

  • Designed to cancel the effects of static pressure by incorporating an ‘opposing wing design’ equalizing the pressure on the door system and significantly reducing potential stored energy concerns
  • Optional Traffic control using lighting systems, alarms, surface control, remote control systems, thru-door scanners and roof mounted equipment detectors (identify objects within the path of the door wing closure) and bump panels are all examples of available safety options to our customers
  • Custom controls packages designed to fit your specific needs. We can design a system to control almost any situation unique to your mine
  • Door packages are painted (2-part epoxy paint) high visibility safety yellow. Reflective striping as an available optionMinimal maintenance while enjoying years of reliable service
  • Optional personnel door escape ways installed within the door wing
  • Optional air regulators installed into the door wing