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About EnVision

EnVision is based in Potchefstroom, in the Northwest province of South Africa.
Envision was founded in 2013 by Wouter Jooste.
Over the course of time, it has developed into a comprehensive, solution driven provider for a wide range of industries, with clients in South Africa, North America, Australia, and Zimbabwe.
Our clients operate in technology driven environments, where the managing and mitigating of risks and opportunity is paramount.
Wouter heads up a team of well-trained staff that focus on the assembly, installation, and maintenance of equipment on site at our clients.


Wouter Jooste

Wouter Jooste is a qualified teacher in BSc Mathematics and Sport Science. He taught for 17 years in South Africa, Kenya, and Zambia before venturing into the world of business, starting in Zambia as a shareholder in A&P International before moving back to South Africa. In South Africa he started his first business in 2008 which was sold in 2015. This led to the opportunity to develop EnVision Projects. At EnVision we have a philosophy to approach a challenge by understanding the key drivers of the problem and focusing on finding an uncomplicated solution. EnVision has a factory in Pothchefstroom which acts as the base from where we operate, cary inventory of selected replacement parts, and do assembly and maintenance.