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World-Class Solutions to Project-Critical challenges

EnVision offers a Gateway  for our clients in South Africa and Africa to access World-Class Solutions to Project-Critical challenges.

Our clients operate in technology driven environments, where the managing and mitigating of risks and opportunity is paramount. We therefore offer a solution-driven approach, where we focus on understanding the specific needs of our client.  With this insight we incorporate a comprehensive, yet unsophisticated problem-solving logic to match products, systems, and expertise, to provide a cost-effective solution.

EnVision in collaboration with AMD is the distributor for  American Mine Door® Company. These doors provide economical, safe, efficient, and practical ventilation control for all types of track and trackless mines, worldwide. We distribute, service, install, maintain, and in some cases manufacture and assemble locally under license a range of heavy duty, Underground Mine Doors 

The Megadoor range are a perfect solution, offering security, reliability, and ease of use. Built to last and withstand the most demanding conditions it can be designed to your preferred size or configuration. Suitable for shipyard, mine, crane doors, and aviation hangar door systems.

Our Sensing & Analytics platform offers Solutions to mitigate a vast array of specific risks occurring in Heavy Industry and commercial environments.

The extensive spectrum of Industrial M2M Applications and Industrial Network Communications Technology compliments not only the Mining Industry, or Heavy Industry Sectors, but any Business Sector. 

Our Products reflect a Solution-driven Approach

  • Underground Mine Doors

  • Industrial Mega Doors

  • Mine Escape Lifelines

  • Environmental Sensors & Analytics

  • Industrial M2M Network Solutions

  • Industrial NetCommTechnology

  • Direct to Satellite Livestock-Tagging

  • Electrical Control & Door Automation

  • SoundEar Noice Management