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Mitigate risks in mission critical using
an open & modular
Sensor Platform

Sensors are just the starting blocks to mitigate Fire-, Environmental-, and Power Risks, in mission critical applications.

 InfraSensing modular architecture enables them to provide customers with auditing, testing, design and integration services to tailor fit their technology to your application.

Proactive Monitoring

  • fire prevention

  • Environmental 

  • power

  • Power Leak 

  • Liquid Leak 

  • Gas

Industrial Sensor Platform

Simple, Modular, Open & Proven Sensor Platform

Modular Base Unit SensorGateway

The Monitoring Touch Appliance is a Microsoft Surface GO2 based open computer that enables you to log, monitor and alert on data from your equipment and sensors right at the edge. With the optional Cellular it can alert you anytime, anywhere and everywhere: email, SMS or Slack. Get alerts even when your network is down. Soon, collected data can be normalized, aggregated or directly sent to the Cloud of your choice: AWS, Gcloud, Azure or any other. Using 3rd party analytic platforms you can then monitor all your edges from one single platform.