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Vertical lift Fabric Doors VL - 31 Series


Heavy Industry



Vertical lift Fabric Doors

  • VL-3110

    Designed for medium-sized openings and provides a tight seal in the toughest environments. The combination of few moving parts and corrosion-resistant fabric makes this the ideal door for demanding mining applications. To cope with openings exposed to intense traffic, ASSA ABLOY VL3110 is available in a high-speed version. For extremely severe environments, ASSA ABLOY VL3110 is also available in an extra corrosion-proof version.

    vl3110 Spec sheet

  • VL3116

    ASSA ABLOY VL3116 vertical-lifting fabric door is designed for large-sized openings in extreme industrial environments. The unique design offers durability, tightness, energy efficiency, and operational reliability. Long service life is combined with minimum need for maintenance. Every door is individually designed to meet your application requirements.


  • VL3190

    ASSA ABLOY VL3190 vertical-lifting fabric doors are the preferred choice for extremely large exterior entrances e.g. recycling plant entrance or waste plant doors. They provide fast, safe and reliable operation under any conditions. With practically no footprint, they offer a design flexibility that permits almost any door dimensions. Thanks to excellent air tightness and resistance to high winds the ASSA ABLOY VL3190 vertical-lifting fabric doors minimize heat-loss and provide a viable working environment for demanding tasks.

    vl3190 Spec sheet

  • VL3016

    The VL3016 Vertical Lifting fabric door is especially designed for extreme industrial environments where doors are exposed to moisture, dust and very high or low temperatures, or where the door opening is large.  The unique design and structure offer durability and minimum maintenance. Every door is individually designed to meet application requirements, for example wind load.


Ensure efficiency in demanding conditions with durable and safe high speed heavy industry doors from ASSA ABLOY.

AA Heavy industrial doors are designed to withstand demanding conditions, such as mud, dirt, dust, moisture, corrosive and abrasive materials, high wind loads, and extreme temperatures. Robust and reliable, they offer long-term durability while ensuring top safety and efficient access to your facilities. They are all designed for large-sized openings and intense work. There are virtually no configuration limits and are equipped with a break-away system.