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Top-of-the-line Communications & Sensor Solutions for the Industrial Sector

  • Mitigating risks in mission critical using InfraSensing Modular and open Sensor Platform.
  • Envisions distributes High quality industrial networking and communication product solutions through ‘Intercel’ and ‘Antaira’ Industrial Communications and Industrial Networking for Control & Automation.
  • SounEar Systems manage noice in the workplace. External, Office, Hospital, Industrial.

Sensor and Modular Gateway

ANIMAL TRACKING - Direct to satellite GPS Smart Ear Tag

Know where your animals are and where they've been.

Industrial NetCommunication Solutions

Intercel Industrial Modems for machine-to-machine applications.

Digital Innovations for Improved Business Outcomes

Intercel Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company and a leading manufacturer and supplier of GSM, GPRS, 3G and 4G industrial modems for machine-to-machine applications. Specialising in the design and manufacturing of industrial modems and routers for M2M and IoT services.


Manage Noice in the Workplace - External, Office, Hospital, Industrial

Wherever you are, you can  manage it.